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Now the function and role of hot-work die

In the production of modern products, hot work die because of its high processing efficiency, good compatibility, saving raw materials, so it has been widely used.
Parts of the modern industrial products, widely used in shock, forging, die-casting molding, extrusion, plastic injection or other forming processing method, and mold matching, the single process or a plurality of forming process, the materials or blank forming part in accordance with requirements of the product, or component before finish machining of semi-finished products. Multi-channel processes such as automobile covering parts, should adopt the Deputy die, punching, drawing, flanging and bending, edge cutting, trimming, shaping, forming processing qualified parts, TV shell washing machine barrel is made of plastic injection method, by injection molding at one time qualified parts; engine crankshaft connecting rod is the forging die, the roll forging and die forging forming for precision machining of semi-finished embryos.
High precision, high efficiency, long service life of die, plastic injection moulding, formation processing hundreds of thousands, or even tens of millions of products and parts, like a pair of hard alloy die, stamping steel sheet parts (E-type films, a motor fixed rotor) a million pieces, said this kind of die mold with mass production.
Applicable in many varieties, little batch and product trial mold: combined die, quickchange die block, stacked die or die forming, low melting point alloy mold, in the modern manufacturing industry, with important economic value, said this kind of mold is general and economical mold.
Components of electronic, computer, modern communication equipment and equipment, electric appliances, instruments and meters and other industrial products or components, more and more tend, miniaturization, precision, slot in the design of mechanical parts, sewing, pore size requirements below 0.3mm, mass production mold is very high. Such as high voltage switch in the multi contact parts, the width of only 10mm, but need to punch, punching, bending, three laminating pressure and other processes, the mold is designed to be 70 working position of the precision die. As another example, BP in size and small parts of the mold, higher requirements. This kind of micro stamping parts and plastic parts with the mold, to become high-tech mold or patent mold.
Large mold, the weight of more than 10t has been very common, and some mold weight has reached 30t. Such as large automobile panel die, large crankshaft forging die and large size TV shell plastic injection mould, and weight are more than 10t. With the development of modern industry and science and technology, the application of mold is more and more extensive, and its adaptability is stronger and stronger. Has become a symbol of the level of manufacturing technology in industrial countries and an independent basic industrial system. In addition, the use of mold processing, is less, no cutting of the main tooling, in a large number of processing, can make the material utilization rate of 90% or more.