Cold work tool steel



Hot Rolled Die Steel (DC53)/K340 

1. Chemical composition: (%) 
C: 0.90-1.10 
Si: 0.80-1.20 
Mn: 0.20-0.40 
P: 0.03 max 
S: 0.03 max 
Cr: 7.50-8.50 
Mo: 1.80-2.00 
V: 0.20-0.50 
W: 0.60-0.80 

2. Smelting process: EAF+LF+VD+ESR 
3. Size: 20mm-300mm x 200mm-700mm 
4. Surface: Black or polished 

5. Material characteristics: After heat treatment, the hardness is higher than SKD11; Tenacity is twice of SKD11; High hardness and toughness 

6. Application: Used for making various complicated cold work dies, such as cold punch die, pins, drawing dies, plate dies and edge or cold shears. The steel is of high abrasive resistance and tenacity, is the most suitable material to make tools 

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